Cotton Candy Shop

Cotton Candy Shop

About game «Cotton Candy Shop»

Welcome to the Cotton Candy Shop! By visiting this store, every child will come out the happiest, because it is cotton candy that kids like the most. In this game, you can make cotton candy to your taste on your own. Believe us, it will be very interesting! If you're ready, let's get started! First, you need to choose a shape for your cotton candy. It can be a standard oval shape, or the shape of a heart and other objects. The next step will be the selection of a beautiful stick on which the cotton candy will spin, and then it will be sold. Now it remains to choose the most important thing - the taste and color of the cotton that you will cook. Then everything will go by itself. Roll up a huge cotton candy, and then decorate it so that the cotton candy looks very appetizing on the showcase. Now that the first cotton candy is ready, you can eat it! And then prepare many more options for cotton candy for your store. Good luck!

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