Corona Cake Cooking

Corona Cake Cooking

About game «Corona Cake Cooking»

Girls! Do not miss the opportunity to prepare the two delicious coronavirus cakes! If you have long wanted to show your skill and imagination to create a dessert in the form of a bacterium, then this game is definitely for you! We all know that the topic of the coronavirus has become so popular all over the world that the chefs decided to joke too and start making cakes that resemble the corona virus in shape. Hurry up and launch the game and join this fun venture! And so, in the game you will immediately be greeted by Moana, who also wants to try to make the Corona cake. Two cakes will appear in front of you, which you must prepare. Grab the first cake first. Do everything according to Moana's instructions to make the cake the way it should be. The corona cake needs to be made very similar to a virus. Therefore, in order to win, you need to try very hard to cook correctly. Don't let Moana down and make the most delicious Corona Cakes. We wish you a good time and enjoy the game!

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