Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever

About game «Cooking Fever»

If you are not fond of cooking, then you may simply not have been able to appreciate the beauty of this delicate and complex art. So now is the right time to gain a rewarding culinary experience! And the best way to do this can only be Cooking Fever. Having opened it, you can not only see from the inside everything that happens in the forge of decent and not very restaurants and cafes, but also try to build your own restaurant business, albeit a virtual one. Want to try? You will have many interesting and challenging responsibilities, starting with creating a menu of the most delicious dishes prepared according to the recipes you have developed. Everything is provided for creativity here. For example, a kitchen stock consists of hundreds of different products. From this variety, it will be easy to cook something special that did not have time to get into the menu of your competitors.

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