Cooking Fast 4: Steak

Cooking Fast 4: Steak

About game «Cooking Fast 4: Steak»

Welcome to the fast food restaurant. Today, you are a cook. Your establishment is revered as the most popular steak establishment. You are a true master of cooking aromatic steaks. Today you have many clients again and everyone wants to try your signature dish. In a matter of minutes, you have to serve a lot of clients, each of whom has prepared for you his own unique order. Each visitor places an order and you must fulfill it quickly. Cook quickly, efficiently and try not to mix up the ingredients. Prepare the dish according to the recipe and then give the finished order to the waiting customer. Remember that the client will pay only for the order that was completed without a single error and on time. Otherwise, you will lose money. Namely, earnings are the main task. Get the reward you deserve and move on to serving the next customer in Cooking Fast 4: Steak. For the money you earn, you can buy groceries and the necessary equipment to expand your restaurant and become a leader in your field!

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