Cook Chinese Food Asian Cooking

Cook Chinese Food Asian Cooking

About game «Cook Chinese Food Asian Cooking»

Welcome to the Chinese restaurant. From today on, you will work there. Before you become a great chef of Asian cuisine, you have to start by cleaning. Tidy up the entire room and clean every corner of the restaurant. Wipe off the dirt, mop the floor, remove the cobwebs, take out the trash, and put the chairs back in place. As soon as the restaurant shines clean, you can start cooking. Today you have to cook three dishes: ramen, wontons and fortune cookies. This is a real challenge for a beginner, but you are ready to take it. The first course will be ramen. After sushi and rolls, this is the most famous Asian dish. To prepare ramen, we need: noodles, sunflower oil, salt, seasonings, eggs, chicken breast, bell peppers and other products. First you need to boil the noodles, and then cook the chicken with other foods. Now there are two more dishes to prepare. Enjoy your game and good luck!

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