Of course, girls love makeover games! This is not surprising, because the desire for beauty in everything is inherent in a woman by nature. Girls strive not only to become beautiful themselves, but to make everything and everyone around beautiful. For this, makeover games were invented.

Makeover games is better than stealing a makeup bag from mom

Every little girl in her childhood loved to delve into her mother’s makeup bag. There are so many interesting things! And if mom allowed all this to be tried on herself, then it was just a delight!

But we have something more interesting: makeover games. With them there is no need to beg mother for expensive cosmetics. In such games there is a complete set of everything that a real fashionista may need to create the coolest makeup.

In the kits makeover games collected all the most fashionable cosmetics. Modern girls prefer bright colors, tattoos on their faces and many sparkles. You will find all this in your game. Experiment with any makeup styles and shapes.

What models are in makeover games?

As models on which you will learn to do makeup, makeover games will feature both ordinary dolls and the characters of famous cartoons, series and movies. If you are a fan of one of the stars and celebrities, then there will surely be a game in which your favorite will be the main character.
Models can be not only female characters. Many male celebrities use stage makeup to shoot videos and perform on stage. Also, male actors use makeup to create an image for the role. You can help them with this in makeover games.

And there is a special type of makeup that is applied in order to take part in some holidays. If this is a New Year's carnival or any seasonal holiday, then it makes sense to take care of a special thematic make-up.

Facial makeover games

Any skin needs thorough care. Because every makeup starts with a clean face and skin without defects. If there are such defects, then they are hidden by applying various tinting agents. But it is better to take care of this in advance so that you do not have to mask acne.

Especially for this makeover games have a large supply of skin care products. You can cleanse your face, apply a nourishing mask to it, and massage your face. It is very important to thoroughly cleanse the face of the remnants of cosmetics, to carry out special cosmetic procedures. Also, one should not forget that unwanted hair can grow on the face, which should be removed, because it spoils the natural beauty and makes your image groomed. Therefore, in makeover games, make sure that your face does not have unnecessary hair. It is also important to monitor the shape and condition of the eyebrows. Eyebrows should be plucked carefully so that your model does not hurt. It is also necessary to make sure that the eyebrows of your model are symmetrical and the same in thickness as a result.