City Taxi Simulator 3D

City Taxi Simulator 3D

About game «City Taxi Simulator 3D»

Today in the game City Taxi Simulator 3D you will try yourself as a taxi driver. The game begins with the fact that you will first need to pick up a passenger at the appointed place. Look for a green area in front of you and try to park in it. As soon as the passenger gets into your car, you need to deliver it to your destination as soon as possible. An arrow will appear in the upper right corner showing the direction you need to go. Also pay attention to the timer that will be placed on the screen. It shows the time you need to cope. If you do not have time, then you lose, and you have to start over. A little tip: since this is not real life, you do not have to follow all the rules of the road. So to get to your destination faster, you can even go to the sidewalks or sidewalks! Have much fun, dear friends!

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