City Car Stunt 2

City Car Stunt 2

About game «City Car Stunt 2»

After reading the title of the new racing adventure City Car Stunt 2, you probably thought about boring cars that gather dust in the garage and no one cares about them! But this is not so, and fans of such games will confirm this, because this is the second part of the game, which means the first was a success. Well, all that remains is to get into a new sports car and turn on the ignition to once again rush through the huge city, where everything is created to perform stunts and have a lot of fun. Probably not worth listing all the brands of sports cars that will appear in your garage, they are all so famous and popular that it makes no sense to name them. Each of the cars is ready to obey you, but not the jumps and ramps, but if you try, you will succeed. Of course, coping with driving such a car is not as easy as it seems, just imagine for a minute what speed you can develop on such a car, how many meters you can fly after jumping from a springboard, and how you can roll over if you do something wrong!

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