Chibi Grey Matter Leap - Ben 10

Chibi Grey Matter Leap - Ben 10

About game «Chibi Grey Matter Leap - Ben 10»

In principle, there is nothing complicated and dangerous in his actions, except, of course, not caution, because of which an alien frog can get into an acid river. By the way, the logs along which he will have to move to the other side are very unstable, not only are they constantly moving, but they are also small in size. In fact, this is all that can be said about this game, but do not believe it, earlier, when slot machines appeared, this game occupied almost the first places in all the tops of games. And what is strange is that the task in the game is so simple that it seems that you can cope with all the logs and safely move to the other side of the river. But it was not there - it was, it is impossible to stand in any case on a log, it moves to the cliff, and if you do not jump over to the next, then it is not known how it all might end. By the way, logs are not the worst thing that can happen, the worst thing is that there is no time to think and if you delay even for a second, the probability of losing will increase significantly.

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