Catch the Candy

Catch the Candy

About game «Catch the Candy»

In the application Catch the Candy you guide a small blue creature who likes candies very much. Your round fluffy is prepared to do everything to reach at least one sweet fast. In the application, you will need to assist this round character and catch the sweets for him. The application contains only 15 stages, and every of them offers only one sweet, but it will not be simple to catch it. Your round hero can put out his long hand, which has stickum on the end. With the assistance of this hand, our character can cling to different items and even simple ground. In every of the rounds, you will have to handle a logic puzzle in order to get the sweet. Initially, it will be simple to reach to the desired object, and then it will be hidden in hard-to-reach corners. You will have to make more than a dozen attempts. Dexterously move with your sticky arm and get all 15 sweets to keep your little monster fed and happy!

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