Cat Rescue - Apple and Onion

Cat Rescue - Apple and Onion

About game «Cat Rescue - Apple and Onion»

On our website you can find a lot of games based on the plot of the cartoons. And this is no exception. The game Cat Rescue - Apple and Onion is an arcade game featuring anthropomorphic Apple and Onion from the animated series of the same name. Friends Luka and Yabloko got a pet, but he turned out to be very naughty. Once the prankster managed to jump out onto the road and run across to the other side, but he cannot go back. Help his owners bring the cat home. Choose which of your friends will go across the road. Choose one of two characters and help their pet cat successfully jump across the road on the roofs of driving cars. Bear in mind that you can access Cat Rescue - Apple and Onion from different types of gadgets and devices for completely free on our website. This is a great opportunity to spend your free time!

Watch how to play: