Car Traffic Sim

Car Traffic Sim

About game «Car Traffic Sim»

Car Traffic Sim is a racing game that has cool 3D graphics and realistic car driving feel. Do you dream of driving your car at high speed, driving along the highway in a huge stream of cars? Now your dream can come true. In this game, you have to move as fast as possible in the loaded traffic, move forward as much as possible to get more points. Don't forget to pay attention to other cars, because they are everywhere. Only an experienced driver can ride in such a movement. The game includes 4 game modes, namely: one-way movement, two-way movement, timed mode and bomb mode. There are 3 tracks available for each mode, which vary in different weather conditions and time of day. The more you play, the more points and money you will earn. Money can be spent on improving the performance of your car, or buying a new, faster car. Endless car racing is waiting for you right now!

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