Captain Marvel: Galactic Flight

Captain Marvel: Galactic Flight

About game «Captain Marvel: Galactic Flight»

Play Captain Marvel: Galactic Flight online free game. As a rule, once the movie is released, then immediately after it the game with the similar plot is coming out. That is why we want to show the new game – Captain Marvel: Galactic Flight. The key point for the player is to assist the Captain Marvel in the very important mission to save the world. Our character turned into a superhero after he contacted with aliens. Before this moment, he was a simple pilot. He forgot every moment of his past life and could not remember anything. But there is a moment, which gets all the memories back. It is the meeting with the Nick Fury. At this moment, the character already knows, who he will fight with and what for. Tackle all the challenges, battling against the enemies. Access the game from all possible devices and gadgets.

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