Cannonbolt Crash - Ben 10

Cannonbolt Crash - Ben 10

About game «Cannonbolt Crash - Ben 10»

It's no secret that ten-year-old Ben protects and protects our planet from aliens. People often do not even notice their arrival and threats, because creatures can have or take on various forms, including those familiar to human perception. In Cannonbolt Crash - Ben 10, the hero will face evil clowns. They look quite peaceful, but this is far from the case. Under the cover of cute characters, the aliens were going, if not to seize the Earth, then to spoil the earthlings. A mighty broad-shouldered stranger, nicknamed the Core, will enter the battle with the clown army. Ben chose this look for a reason. The core can literally roll up into a powerful ball with which you will knock down uninvited guests. Ben's house was attacked by a gang of evil clowns. And now in the game Cannonbolt Crash - Ben 10 you have to help him destroy criminals.

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