Candy Cake Maker

Candy Cake Maker

About game «Candy Cake Maker»

Are you fond of cooking? This online game invites you to become a pastry chef and make custom-made candy cakes. You are famous throughout the city for your ability to create extraordinary sweet masterpieces, so everyone comes to you to order a cake for the celebration. So today you have to cook three types of candy pies: coffee, chocolate and vodka. Cook them in turn, or choose any and get down to business. First you need to go to the store and find all the ingredients you need on the shelves. Then, following the tips of the game, make the dough, bake the cakes, beat the cream, and decorate the finished cake. This game may become the first step of your excellent baking career. Who knows, maybe in ten years you will be the chef of the most popular pastry shop somewhere in Paris! Everything is possible if you let it! Have fun!

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