Call On Duty Sniper Assassin

Call On Duty Sniper Assassin

About game «Call On Duty Sniper Assassin»

One shot, one rifle, one sniper. This list should be enough to carry out several tasks to eliminate especially dangerous terrorists who are currently hiding in the desert, which nevertheless does not prevent them from conducting the activities of their group located in the city. Of course, your hero is outlaw, but this is necessary for his occupation, and the government agreed to all of his conditions. By the way, the operation to eliminate terrorists Call On Duty Sniper Assassin is completely secret, and the success of the mission depends on it. Let's omit the process of taking a sniper position, because everything is clear with this. Your hero is a professional, so he does not need help in this. So, the first thing to do, having taken a position at a safe distance, cling to the optical sight with the mouse, consider the targets and determine the trajectory of their movement. Then shoot at the target, once you find the perfect angle. Have much fun!

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