Bunny Bubble Shooter

Bunny Bubble Shooter

About game «Bunny Bubble Shooter»

Welcome to Bunny Bubble Shooter game! In this game you will be greeted by a very nice and cute rabbit Robert! Our little hero of the game, together with his smaller brothers, lives in one of the meadows located in a small forest. Once his brothers went to the forest in search of food. Our hero walked for a long time in the forest and saw a phenomenon incomprehensible to him. Multi-colored bubbles descended from the sky, bursting so brightly in the air. The rabbit approached that place and it became very interesting for him to try to shoot bubbles with the same color as there. He started playing and really liked it! Rabbit Robert wants you to join him and start shooting bubbles in fun together. The bunny is already waiting for you at that place, so start playing soon! Your task is to help the rabbit before each shooter to aim carefully at those bubbles of color, just like in the hands of a rabbit.

Watch how to play: