Bunnicula in Rescuing Harold

Bunnicula in Rescuing Harold

About game «Bunnicula in Rescuing Harold»

How do you imagine a vampire? Most likely, a kind of pale handsome man in a wide black cloak with a scarlet lining or a fanged red-eyed monster. But it turns out that vampires are very different. For example, this cute rabbit. Do not be fooled by the appearance of a cute fluffy, he lived for several years in the castle of Count Dracula himself and even inherited some of the properties of his terrible owner. Now the rabbit is immortal and no longer gnaws on carrots and cabbage. He prefers to dig into unfortunate vegetables with sharp teeth and greedily sucks their juice. Although he has not yet reached the point of sucking blood from people. Aside from these oddities, Bunnicula is quite friendly and ready to play. You can live with him many exciting adventures. And now he needs help because his best friend is in trouble.

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