Bubble Trouble - Summer Camp Island

Bubble Trouble - Summer Camp Island

About game «Bubble Trouble - Summer Camp Island»

Welcome to Summer Camp Island. Amazing creatures live here, with whom you will definitely make friends. Bubble Trouble - Summer Camp Island is a very cute and relaxing game based on the cartoon Summer Camp. Today your main characters will be the best and very good friends Oscar and Hedgehog. These guys never lose heart and are always ready for new adventures. One fine day they did not know what to do, as it started to rain on a small island, from charming bubbles. The guys were very surprised and delighted, because you can play with them! Only they really want you to play with them too, helping them toss balls. You can also meet the rest of their friends and read the biography about them, it is written in the book in the lower left corner of the game.

Watch how to play: