Super Stickman Hook

Super Stickman Hook

About game «Super Stickman Hook»

It will be nice to engage in online Stickman application for free, because in front of you is an unordinary hero, who came to life from kids' pictures. His body is made of sticks and his head is a circle. Stickman dreams to establish the best result for bungee jumping and needs your assistance. To this end, you must play the Super Stickman Hook installment, where you will see a red ball - this is our character. When you touch it, it will respond and will be set to hook the rope onto the hook on the field. There can be a lot of them, but at the first stage, normally, there is a single rope. You must take it and swing, and after that jump off, attempting to touch the finish point. Try not to touch sharp circular saws, they may simply cut the rope and the fellow will fail. If it falls on soft rubber spots, there is an opportunity to jump one more time and hang on the hook. Do not forget to pick up coins.

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