Break the Worm - Adventure Time

Break the Worm - Adventure Time

About game «Break the Worm - Adventure Time»

This application will send you to the universe of the Land of Ooo together with Jake and Finn, and the rest of the characters of this funny animated series. You will follow the worm, go through and fight against giants of penguins, and small but strong worms. You need to travel across the snow land, dad's fortress, and also along the empire of sweetness. At the first stage, you will participate in training that will show you how to correctly guide the character, and cope with the opponent. So, and then you will directly proceed to the fight itself and the playing of the game. The wonderful universe of the Land Ooo in this application will surprise you very much and amaze you with its mystery and possibilities. Join Fin and Jake from Adventure Time to assist them in getting victory! Enjoy the game and have much fun!

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