Bouncing Princesses

Bouncing Princesses

About game «Bouncing Princesses»

Play Bouncing Princesses online free addictive game. In this game, that you can play on all types of gadgets and devices, you have to help some princesses that need your assistance. Now you can ask – how I may help them? And this game offers you a many opportunities to do it. Just click and hold, and after that you have to move right and left for moving the bouncing platform into proper direction. Catch the princesses on platform and keep them bouncing until they land. This movement will give you a points, so try to gain as much points as it is possible, dear friends. Help these princesses, when they are thrown out of a tower by a dangerous dino. Remember that you lose a life in a case if princess fall on the ground. Don't hesitate and have a much fun!

Watch how to play: