Bomb Prank

Bomb Prank

About game «Bomb Prank»

Oh my God! The bomb is about to explode! Stay away from everyone and run from the one who has it! Don't let yourself be destroyed. Bomb Prank is a fun and extreme game for those who like to have fun. Don't let yourself fall victim to the explosion. Run across the field, wherever you want, however you want, just stay away from the bomb, because it can explode at any moment! Several players are on a certain field. Everyone controls their character. In the beginning, one of them has a bomb in his hands. His task is to pass it on to others, so as not to kill himself. If he gave it to you, you must immediately give it to another player. When the bomb explodes, the player who held the bomb in his hands loses. With each new level, more players and more bombs are added. Your task remains the same - try not to touch the bomb by all means!

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