Black Panther Vibranium Hunt

Black Panther Vibranium Hunt

About game «Black Panther Vibranium Hunt»

If you are an avid fan of the Marvel comics universe, then we have prepared a wonderful game for you, where you can team up with your characters and work wonders together! The game developers will take you to Wakanda. Historically, on African soil there is a continuous war for possession of vibran deposits, which have a unique ability to absorb vibration. Once upon a time, this material appeared on Earth when a meteorite from space brought it here. The battles for these deposits have been going on for many years and many people have died in fierce battles. But it seems that the culmination is coming, because the strongest warrior of all times and peoples - the Black Panther - is taking up the cause. He was able to become king of Wakanda. But behind every success is a cohort of envious, and the Black Panther did not miss it either. Njajaki the Assassin appears, trying to get in the way of the newly made king. Our task will be to defeat the thief and to establish justice in the kingdom.

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