Billy the Giant Hunter - Adventure Time

Billy the Giant Hunter - Adventure Time

About game «Billy the Giant Hunter - Adventure Time»

Today we, together with the heroes of the popular animated film Adventure Time, will go to one of the most distant planets to meet Billy, a brave and brave warrior who considers it his duty to fight monsters and win. By the way, we hope you know that all the monsters that Billy is hunting are of huge size, but this does not frighten him and he bravely chops them with his sword, which Billy calls Notang. Each monster has a size close to a small asteroid, so Billy jumps on it, and while the monster is spinning, being in zero gravity, chops it into small pieces, from start to finish. Everything must be done quickly so that the monster does not come to his senses and throws Billy off. In addition to the huge size of the monster, small monsters will run along it, who will try in every possible way to save their master, throwing Billy off the monster, but this cannot be allowed.

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