Battleships Armada

Battleships Armada

About game «Battleships Armada»

If a country or state borders one of its parts with water, then it is simply obliged to take care of its safety on the water. For this purpose, the country's naval forces are being created, ready at any time to defend their territories from the attack of enemy forces. Some countries use the services of mercenary armies, but this is very rare. In the game Battleships Armada you will have to experience the full power of the attack from the enemy, who decided that you are not guarding your sea borders. Skillfully controlling your ships, you will be able to confront the enemy, and even force him to retreat, but first, think over the strategy of warfare during the battle. In fact, in front of you is a good simulator of the familiar sea battle, only six units of military naval equipment are used here.

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