Battle Cars

Battle Cars

About game «Battle Cars»

In these races, you will have a grandiose battle to the bitter end. Destroy opponents and capture as many weapons and upgrades as possible in each arena. The battle will begin from the very first second. Luckily, all weapons are fully automated, so focus on driving. You can survive and progress to the next level if you manage to outwit all of your formidable opponents. Collect coins. They can be exchanged for new skins, vehicles, and more. Battle Cars is an exciting action game. Control a deadly buggy on a dangerous arena and shoot opponents from all guns. Try to capture all power-ups, so they will help you to overtake and beat your opponents. They can be of different nature, for example, they can speed you up, protect you from the opponents' shots or create prickles from various sides of your car, so your opponents cannot get close to you. Have fun!

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