Battle Build

Battle Build

About game «Battle Build»

In the game Battle Build, our hero got to a desert island, and it seems that there is no living soul here. In order not to waste a lot of time moving around the island, he decided to explore its territory with the help of a teleporter, which instantly moves our hero to the right place. At one point, our hero realizes that he has nothing to do on this island, and therefore urgently need to find a portal through which he can return home. But the fact is that the portal is broken and its pieces are scattered throughout the island. A little later it turned out that there are really no people on the island, but there are other inhabitants - monsters. The monsters grabbed the pieces of the broken portal and protect them from others. You will need to fight for the restoration of the portal. During the game you will find backpacks on the island. They were abandoned long ago by other travelers who died at the hands of monsters. In backpacks you can find many useful things for survival. Good luck!

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