Bakery & Bravery - Adventure Time

Bakery & Bravery - Adventure Time

About game «Bakery & Bravery - Adventure Time»

Adventure time begins! Finn and Jake visit a friend in hopes of getting a piece of her signature apple pie. While drinking tea, friends came up with a brilliant idea. Soon there will be a big celebration in the empire. And so the guys decided to open a cafe with pies in their friend's house. There, everyone can order any magic pie, and Finn will go in search of magic ingredients. In the game Bakery & Bravery - Adventure Time you will be entrusted with a responsible mission. The dog Jake will take orders from visitors, Tree Trunks will bake pies in the magic oven, and you will help Finn get rare ingredients. Your guests will be the important persons of the lands of Ooo and all your friends: Princess Bubblegum, the vampire queen Marceline, Princess Flame, Princess Bumblebee, Lemongrass, baby Pig, Abracadaniel, the Snow King and others.

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