Baby Hazel Hand Fracture

Baby Hazel Hand Fracture

About game «Baby Hazel Hand Fracture»

Today baby Hazel decided to paint portraits of all of her toys. When the girl had already finished almost everything, she did not have enough colors. Therefore, Hazel climbed to the high shelf for paints, but lost her balance and fell. The mother came to the crying of the baby, who immediately needed to get the kid to the hospital. The doctor exercised an x-ray and the results were not good, because the baby had a broken arm. In the application, your mission will be to take care of the kid and do everything possible to cure the child's hand and relieve the pain. Initially, you will need to put a cast on the baby's handle. Look carefully at the prompts so as not to confuse anything. Then you can return home so that Hazel can rest. Try to do everything as best you can so that in two weeks the kid can remove the cast.

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