Baby Hazel Dental Care

Baby Hazel Dental Care

About game «Baby Hazel Dental Care»

With this game you can learn how to properly brush your teeth so that they are always healthy. And the cutest baby named Hazel will help you in this, this girl is constantly in the spotlight, because how can you not pay attention to such an angel. In the game you will need to work very hard to do everything right and Hazel was able to teach you how to brush your teeth. First you have to wake up the baby by stroking her head and play with her. In the field you will need to take a test in which you will have to choose the right things for brushing your teeth. Now, if you have correctly selected all the necessary items, you will need to pass another small test, where you just have to make a match. For example, in front of you there will be four photos with Hazel and you will have to pick up the necessary items for them, such as: a toothbrush, soap and much more. If you have done quite well then you can start brushing your teeth.

Watch how to play: