Apocalypse Truck

Apocalypse Truck

About game «Apocalypse Truck»

The zombie apocalypse scenario is one of the most popular in modern fiction. The theme that at one moment all our friends, loved ones, and indeed all people can turn into insane monsters obsessed with a thirst for human flesh, whether it is the fault of a monstrous mistake of a global corporation or simply due to an unfortunate coincidence, is used in many masterpieces of the media market and, of course, in the Zombie games. In the game Apocalypse Truck you have to enter into a fierce struggle against bloodthirsty zombies. To survive in this crazy world, you have a powerful truck at your disposal. Your main task is to get to the finish line bypassing all obstacles and knocking down all the monsters standing in your way. Be very careful while driving and do not let your car roll over and get damaged, otherwise you will lose and you will have to start all over again. With each new stage, it will be more and more difficult to get to a safe place, so you will have to show remarkable skill and patience. Perform various car stunts and earn maximum coins. Good luck!

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