Anna Frozen Coloring

Anna Frozen Coloring

About game «Anna Frozen Coloring»

One of the main characters of the cartoon "Frozen", Princess Anna, decided to give you an unforgettable pastime and today you will draw together. Now many episodes from the cartoon are at the initial stage of drawing. You have a wide array of paints and a paintbrush. Take charge and paint her portrait with the brightest colors possible. Combine and experiment to make your drawing beautiful and unique at the same time. This game lets everyone show off their creativity and imagination. Do not be afraid to experiment with different colors. This is your picture and you are the artist. So you decide everything about your masterpiece. Be attentive and paint exactly according to the lines, already drawn on the picture. All in all, only you decide what to do. Try to create a real art and you can even print it and hang on your wall!

Watch how to play: