Among Us - Impostor

Among Us - Impostor

About game «Among Us - Impostor»

Among Us is a game that you are most likely already familiar with. Among Us - Impostor is a similar game, except you always play as an impostor in it. Many gamers, we know, have long wished for such a feature. The game's core has remained unchanged. You'll find yourself aboard a spacecraft traveling across uncharted territory. There are a lot of personalities aboard the ship, and you're one of them. Try not to expose your identity right away. The rest of the squad will disperse around the ship to finish their responsibilities. Your mission is to eliminate all of them, after which you will be declared the winner. But don't do it in front of other people. Make sure no one is in the room when the murder occurs. You might even disclose that you saw the body to eliminate suspicions. Then everyone will believe it was not you who assassinated a teammate.

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