Among Us Escape

Among Us Escape

About game «Among Us Escape»

We have a massively multiplayer online reasoning and confrontation game full of fun and magical gameplay. This time you have the opportunity to be a kind robot. Your task is to solve all tasks on a spaceship, for example, using gravity. If you want to become the hero of a spy thriller, then you need to visit the game Among Us Escape. There you will meet one of the impostors, who needs to get secret documents in an office high-rise building. We'll have to run through the floors, open doors and run into trouble. Our spy did not act very carefully and now he is being pursued by enemy agents. They can wait on any floor and in any of the offices. But they still need to go through, and the enemies will have to be removed. The hero is armed, besides there is an opportunity to improve his weapon, and this gives more chances for this.

Watch how to play: