Alien Rush - Ben 10

Alien Rush - Ben 10

About game «Alien Rush - Ben 10»

An online game in which Ben 10 is trying to thwart the insidious plans of Dr. Animo. The evil doctor once again decided to conquer the world, for this he needs rare components from a distant planet. Ben 10's only option to prevent capture is to find all the components himself. Ben 10 is a very interesting and engaging game played by many boys and girls. Ben is a young boy who is only 10 years old who received supernatural powers from alien beings and uses them wisely. With the help of his abilities, he can turn into various monsters that have different abilities. Now Ben will have to fight the evil doctor and his army of various monsters. How to play the game "Ben 10": to move in the game use the arrows, to turn into a mutant press Z, and to select a mutant also press Z. You can play this game on any types of devices.

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