Acme Rocket Dash

Acme Rocket Dash

About game «Acme Rocket Dash»

Play Acme Rocket Dash online free game. In The Looney Tunes show Acme Rocket Dash, you'll have a nice opportunity to meet again your favorite Looney Tunes characters. Now it's time to help Wile E. Coyote. His goal as always is to catch the Roadrunner, the fastest running bird in the world. The hungry coyote invents various ways to overtake a bird and today he has a real chance to make his dream a reality. Within the walls of the Acme Corporation, an ultra-high-speed rocket was created. It needs to be tested and the coyote (who else, of course) volunteered to test the rocket. But he secretly decided to use a super rocket for his personal purposes. The transport is too unreliable and may explode. Let's see what we have. You can play this game on all types of devices and gadgets.

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