3D Hartwig chess set

3D Hartwig chess set

About game «3D Hartwig chess set»

Play 3D Hartwig chess set game. This game offers you to play the chess using the famous chess set created by Josef Hartwig. Obviously, you may ask who was Hartwig and why his set is so distinctive. Josef Hartwig was a Bauhaus sculptor from Muhich, Germany. He created various stuff, but first of all he is known for this beautiful chess set. Actually, Hartwig created several chess sets, made of the wood, which today are a well known illustration of the Bauhaus motif. The thorough outline of the pieces changed from model to model, but all of them include symmetrical forms with a rectangular ground as you may see in the game using all sorts of gadgets and devices. The layout of each piece mixes two unique ways of depiction: the plain geometric forms and the shapes that show how it moves. In short, this game is more than just another chess. It is a piece of art on your display.

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