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Last month saw the 0.8 branch of Desurium receive final polishes after entering a "feature freeze". We are on our third Release Candidate and are seeking feedback before moving to General Availability for our 0.8 release.

Posted by Cheeseness on Nov 19th, 2012

Last month saw the 0.8 branch of Desurium receive final polishes after entering a "feature freeze". We are on our third Release Candidate and are seeking feedback before moving to General Availability for our 0.8 release.

We have closed all of the remaining bugs in our 0.8 milestone, and we now need as much testing feedback as possible to make sure that Desurium 0.8 is stable and ready for release.

Please note that 0.8 will be a Linux-only release.

What To Look For
In particular, we are looking for comments on:

  • Stability during general use
  • Stability whilst uploading/downloading games, videos and other content
  • The new CMake build system as well as ebuild (Gentoo) and PKGBUILD (Arch) scripts
  • The new simplified build requirements (no longer requiring git/svn)
  • Additional language translations (new localisations for Brazillian, Bulgarian, Czech, Greek, Japanese and Slovenian, and updates for all existing localisations)

Important Notes
In addition, the following key changes have been made that new users should be aware of:

  • The default storage location is now separated from the Desurium application folder in Linux (default is ~/.desura)
  • New Desurium specific branding featuring the "Desubot"
  • Windows support is currently unavailable (this will be the primary focus of the upcoming 0.9 release)

Desurium can be installed at the same time as the official Desura client without conflicting, though we recommend against attempting to run them both simultaneously. As Desurium currently uses a different default storage location, users will need to use symlinks or hardlinks if they wish to share downloaded game files between the two clients.

Source and Builds
Testers are invited to compile Desurium from the 0.8 RC3 source snapshot tag in the Desurium GitHub repository, but to make testing more accessible, openSUSE, Ubuntu packages and Gentoo ebuilds have been made available in addition to a 32 bit distribution-independent build (Desurium can be built for 64 bit systems, we just don't have a pre-compiled 64 bit distribution-independent build available at this time). Please also note that 64 bit Desurium can install 32 bit versions of games in addition to 64 bit versions, though they will only run if 32 bit compatibility libraries are present.

Additionally, Gentoo ebuilds and an Arch PKGBUILD can be found the distro folder of Desurium's source.

Additional Resources
Additional information can be found in the A Beginners Guide To Desurium document on the Desurium GitHub wiki, and in the README file from the 0.8 branch of the Desurium GitHub repository.

Help and Community
If testers run into trouble, have questions or want to get involved in Desurium development, the Desurium contributors can be found in the following locations:

For Desurium's 0.9 release, we are intending to focus on Windows compatibility and other cross-platform fixes. We would like to welcome and encourage the involvement of any Windows oriented developers who would like to contribute to the project.


anagromataf Nov 19 2012, 5:27pm said:

"Please also note that only 64 bit Desurium can install 32 bit versions of games, though they will only run if 32 bit compatibility libraries are present."
I am pretty sure it should mean, only 64bit desurium can install 64bit and 32bit versions; and 32bit desurium can only install 32bit version

+2 votes     reply to
Cheeseness Nov 20 2012, 8:24am replied:

Ha, I knew there'd be something. Well spotted.

+1 vote     reply to
hardpenguin Nov 19 2012, 5:50pm said:

Can I make a request?

Make it compatible with a little outdated already distros, like Debian 6. Debian 7 is gonna be released in first or second quarter of 2013 so some guys will still use Debian 6 on their desktops.

+3 votes     reply to
anagromataf Nov 20 2012, 2:04pm replied:

we need pretty new libs libs gcc-4.6 and libevent 0.7 so it is too much work for now; we do try to get into debian if you can help us there that would be much appreciated

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yorikvanhavre Nov 19 2012, 8:24pm said:

I'm using it since a couple of weeks now, all runs fine, much more stable than the old desura client (which refused to exit sometimes). I noticed one game that wouldn't download (Reprisal I think) from the standard "play" window (the download window opened, but stayed there forever with an empty progress bar without beginning the download), but the same game downloaded and installed fine from the menu tools -> list CDs and keys. If I manage to reproduce that behaviour I'll post back. Sorry, I didn't think about looking better when it happened.

Anyway, so much better to have this open source client! The build system is pretty easy to use, I adapted what's inside the script to make it build in a different directory (I would suggest adding comments in that file, showing possible options, etc... so users can use it as a base to make their tweaks). I also loved having the games placed outside of the desurium application folder.

Kudos to everybody working on this, it's maturing very well

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INtense! Nov 20 2012, 12:21am said:

Amazing work cheeseness and the Desurium team. We shall work on incorporating this into the main build once the testing phase is done.

+3 votes     reply to
cyberkiller40 Nov 20 2012, 6:06am said:

Thank you for the openSUSE packages! :-)

+3 votes     reply to
liamdawe Nov 20 2012, 1:33pm said:

Good to see Scott will use it on the official website, it's a vast improvement!

+2 votes     reply to
Magbed Nov 20 2012, 5:05pm said:

Feels great on my system, thanks!

+2 votes     reply to
seaman Nov 23 2012, 1:24pm said:

Works really good. No problems and no crashes! Thank you!

+1 vote     reply to
s_d Nov 25 2012, 10:23pm said:

Just installed the Ubuntu version from the PPA, used it for ~10 minutes, and crashed it. Segfault in Flash, of course :-)

+1 vote     reply to
HumbleLinux Dec 5 2012, 2:40pm said:

great, thanks to everyone who contributed and contributes!

+1 vote     reply to
moilami Dec 8 2012, 8:04pm said:

Thank you so very much of this free client!

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