US Intervention (USI) is a modification based upon the Persian Gulf War in 1991 where about half a million US troops fought among other allied forces to liberate Kuwait from the Iraqi forces.

The mod was originally created for Battlefield Vietnam. We felt that Battlefield 2 would be a better alternative so we started building there. The first release came out in May 2006 with a lot of content. In the same month a hot fix was released after a new patch was created for BF2.

Every new release is meant to build upon the previous release adding more vehicle, maps, game modes and overall environment. Version 2.0 is due out soon with 83 different weapons firing 33 types of ammo, 76 vehicles, and 18 levels to battle on.

Realism is a key factor this mod follows in the creation of the content. With some real and possible events being portrayed in every map. The battles have been evened out to give both sides a chance of winning. Teamwork is the key.

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That's right, the USI team brings you a new launcher so you can download and play US Intervention 2.2!

Posted by Guedoe on Feb 25th, 2012

That's right, the USI team brings you a new launcher so you can download and play US Intervention 2.2!  With this full build, we made some fixes and added a new map "Fall of Basrah".  You will notice the
file structure was changed. This was done to make updating easier and smaller from here on out. Please post all bugs and feed back in our forums.

USI 2.2 Change log

1. Tweak a few sounds attached to effects to sound better.

1. Added Fall Of Basrah (MP, SP, and Co Op).
2. Tweaked spawners on Kashan Desert SP and Co Op layers to let the bots out of the Iraqi base.

1. Fixed more unwanted lines in the hud files.

File Structure:
You will notice a change in the way we have set up the mod's folder and files. (This was done to make "patching" easier and smaller)

US Intervention Launcher 0.13
US Intervention 2.2 Sever Files

See you in the desert!


Neo82 Feb 26 2012, 3:30am said:


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Guedoe Feb 26 2012, 8:38am said:

Go here if you need help installing USI,

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sanistik Feb 26 2012, 11:27am said:

nice ;)

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UDSS Aug 24 2012, 5:44am said:

I downloaded the launcher ( V0.13 ) but notihing worked. It did NOT downloaded the mod 2.2 and could not instal it. It gives an error and end there. I wonder what is wrong because I have Miscrosoft Framework 4 and a clean BF2 1.50 game. Could it be that the launcher cannot work with BF2 version 1.50? That should not be the case. So that is wrong? I tried it on a Windows 7 computer and a Windows XP computer. Both with Framework 4 and both launchers did not downloaded the mod!

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Guedoe Sep 15 2012, 10:14am replied:

We will have links up soon leading right to the exe files needed. :)

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