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US Intervention (USI) is a modification based upon the Persian Gulf War in 1991 where about half a million US troops fought among other allied forces to liberate Kuwait from the Iraqi forces.

The mod was originally created for Battlefield Vietnam. We felt that Battlefield 2 would be a better alternative so we started building there. The first release came out in May 2006 with a lot of content. In the same month a hot fix was released after a new patch was created for BF2.

Every new release is meant to build upon the previous release adding more vehicle, maps, game modes and overall environment. Version 2.0 is due out soon with 83 different weapons firing 33 types of ammo, 76 vehicles, and 18 levels to battle on.

Realism is a key factor this mod follows in the creation of the content. With some real and possible events being portrayed in every map. The battles have been evened out to give both sides a chance of winning. Teamwork is the key.

  • Fall of Basrah (WIP)
  • Fall of Basrah WIP
  • Something yet unreveiled
  • Silent City by [EoD]Junglist
Lets revive USI!


Lets revive USI!

The |DPG| community has set up a USI coop server hoping to revive our fan base. |DPG|Max][mu$ invites all USI players to come have some fun. If we can populate the server well enough, we can switch the...

Sep 15, 2012 News
US Intervention: New Launcher and New Build!


US Intervention: New Launcher and New Build!

That's right, the USI team brings you a new launcher so you can download and play US Intervention 2.2!

Feb 25, 2012 News
Basrah Is Back!


Basrah Is Back!

New map and a new build is due out soon, along with a new version of the launcher

Feb 12, 2012 News
Mission Report


Mission Report

New USI Launcher to help stay updated along with USI 2.1 patch.

Jan 16, 2012 News
US Intervention 2.0 (version 0.2g) Released


US Intervention 2.0 (version 0.2g) Released

Lots of tweaks and fixes to improve the mod. This is a full build.

Jan 1, 2012 News
Comments  (0 - 10 of 183)
EITY10 Nov 16 2013, 6:27am said:

I have framework issues with the damn launcher pleaes help me!!!

0 votes     reply to
gegege Jul 26 2013, 4:27am said:

make full version 2.2 exe pls!

+3 votes     reply to
Reid1991 Jun 27 2013, 10:42am said:

-_- i only play single player...Old file USI 1.7 is better..2.0 suck :-p...,I get all vehicle in PR,EOD,PEO,Lion Roar,,and i put in USI 1.7...Its more better from ORigin USI..... -_-

+1 vote     reply to
joncobani Jun 18 2013, 10:23am said:

it keeps crashing WTF!!!!!!

+1 vote     reply to
5t3v0 May 27 2013, 11:15pm said:

Hey, How do you adjust the bot count? I've tried modifying Aidefualt.ai but it was already at 64 and when I did modify it to 48 (Just did it to see what happened) its still locked to 8 a side. I've also tried running it with BF2SPCC running with a higher count(running the "SP1" maps, haven't tried CoOp maps yet) it is also locked to 8 a side.

What gives?

+1 vote     reply to
5t3v0 May 29 2013, 12:47am replied:

Nevermind, they're only locked in the Singleplayer maps. Tried the Co Op maps in BF2SPCC and they worked with 32 bots.

+1 vote     reply to
oluja_95 May 27 2013, 5:38am said:

it would be great if someone would add a m-60 patton
never ever saw a m60-patton in a bf2 mod

as i know the patton was present in the gulf war

+2 votes     reply to
JBarata97 Nov 1 2013, 6:56pm replied:

I'm pretty sure there's an M60 Patton in that Vietnam mod.

+2 votes     reply to
fgonzalez6845 May 24 2013, 8:53pm said:

You guys should check out Department store battles, battlefield 2 epic mod. Im hosting a server for it hit me up for the information @ my steam or my yotube Youtube.com (also host servers for anything else! free server hosting! :P Teamspeak 3 also up atm

0 votes     reply to
Hmmmgood May 24 2013, 8:44pm said:

The launcher is Object,it does nothing but dl corrupt files.

+1 vote     reply to
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