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Awake in a nightmare and discover the deep plot left malleable to interpretations. Mythology, fetal suicide, and more are hinted at within this surreal landscape. Now raise the volume, turn down the lights, and prepare to enter the world of stagnant growths.

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IGN's FilePlanet recently wrote an article on the scariest Custom Stories for Amnesia: The Dark Descent. To Give Is To Force was featured.

Posted by DetrimentalGames on Aug 27th, 2011

Missy, who works for IGN's FilePlanet, wrote an article about my mod. She called it "infamous" and said that "It is both extremely well-written, and extremely challenging." But my favorite part is the last sentence: "If you can make it through this campaign without crying, I applaud you." 

You can read the full article here.
Thanks goes to "roflwatanoob" for bringing this article to my attention. His video is featured in the article (and for good reason too, since it is pretty funny).

But you needn't take Missy's word for it, the first comment on the article by BlackPlague says, "I started playing 'To Give is to Force' yesterday and it’s true: that mod IS scary. PLAY IT." Not to mention there are reviews and comments left by others who've played To Give Is To Force which can be found on the Mod DB page here.

And of course you can download this Custom Story from here for free.
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