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This modification offers an alternative gameplay to Tiberian Wars involving many Tiberian Sun units which many CnC fans (like me) missing in vanilla CNC3 and add even new my made units which you can't find anywhere else. Story is quite the same like Tiberian Wars, but is all about what if GDI and Nod do not abandon technologies they have used in Tiberian Sun era and instead of that further developed them. But it's not only that, there are many visual, sound and balance changes which I want to see and hear in my mod, new sounds, new music, new effects (like blood and gore, new infantry deaths, new more realistic missile trails) and many more.

  • Tiberium Essence 1.5
  • Tiberium Essence 1.5
  • Tiberium Essence 1.5
  • Tiberium Essence 1.5
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Tiberium Essence 1.5
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FekLeyrTarg Jan 11 2012, 1:45pm said:

Yuri would've loved to have those. ;)

+23 votes     reply to
Carnius Jan 11 2012, 1:49pm said:

This unit is simply tiberium essence version of cultist from KW. I think such unit should be similar to mastermind when uses similar ability, big brain some legs and stuff. The name peacekeeper is based on idea that scrin enforce peace by mind control rebelious subject xD
But if have better idea let speak your mind :)

+9 votes     reply to
sandsmann Jan 11 2012, 2:01pm replied:

i cant,they mind controlled me

+22 votes     reply to
GriffinZ Jan 11 2012, 2:55pm replied:

well the cultist was similar to the mastermind, in fact they was humans with a mastermind-hat-headcrab thingy. But they still looked stupid, this is much better

+5 votes     reply to
Hijacker Jan 11 2012, 8:15pm replied:

Although looking like the Ravager from KW, I do agree with you. The cultist's appearance was "WTF!?" even though its alien.

+5 votes     reply to
rhyso1987 Mar 31 2012, 2:15am replied:

Subjugation Squad, would be a pretty cool name for these ^^

+2 votes     reply to
CnC_Fin Jan 11 2012, 2:25pm said:

Can these creatures also control the Mammoth mk 2, Cyborg Commando or Conqueror? Though I doubt, it would be OP. But great work anyways :D

+2 votes     reply to
Carnius Jan 11 2012, 2:36pm replied:

Good question but you have alredy answer that. No they can´t theese units. Right now not even buildings.

+5 votes     reply to
FortressMaximus Jan 12 2012, 4:10am replied:

At least they are balanced. BTW since the GDI and Nod commandoes have been upgraded, what about the Mastermind? Shall it get the prodigy's upgrades?

+2 votes     reply to
█Black/Brunez█ Jan 11 2012, 3:45pm said:

Yuri approves

+5 votes     reply to
Carnius Jan 11 2012, 3:54pm replied:

and yuri is master! xD

+8 votes     reply to
☢Guibest☢ Jan 11 2012, 4:12pm replied:

I shall obey, for all that is YURI!
BTW, i love the fact that EA copied the "mind-control" idea from Red Alert 2 (and YR) and turned it into aliens, to be original. But I still prefer Yuri, 'cause he is so friggin' badass... "Why would I only control one country, when I could control the world?" (I'm not sure if that's his quote, but its close :P)

+2 votes     reply to
GooberTrooper Jan 11 2012, 7:20pm replied:

Its close. He says "Why would I be content with one country?" I think.

+3 votes     reply to
Hijacker Jan 11 2012, 8:19pm replied:

Here let me correct you,

Yuri: "Why should I be content to lead one nation, when I can control the whole world, 'Mr. President?"
Dugan: "You can't threaten us. We are the most powerful nation on earth. We did win the war, you know."
Yuri: "Did you, indeed? I think not."
*Activates Psychic Dominator*

(Damn I'm such a C&C Fanboy XD)

+8 votes     reply to
Scorpionov Jan 11 2012, 6:45pm said:

yuri is master

+2 votes     reply to
ghobot21 Jan 12 2012, 12:44am said:

peace enforcer?
loyal enforcer?
order keeper?
order enforcer?

+2 votes     reply to
Goblin_5 Jan 12 2012, 3:15am said:

Scrin Pacifier? Scrin Regulator/Assimilator/Overtaker(yeah maybe not)/Dominator/Mindjacker?

+4 votes     reply to
OrangeNero Jan 12 2012, 3:43am replied:

I'd go with Pacifier. Peacekeeper keeps something ergo defends ergo is a good guy. Pacifier pushes the current state to change into peace ergo its aggressive ergo bad guy ergo suits scrin. It also makes crybabies shut up. "Shut up enemy unit you are now under my control!"

+2 votes     reply to
FIN7 Jan 12 2012, 11:48am said:

crysis 2 anyone ceph

+2 votes     reply to
namechanged Feb 29 2012, 2:22am replied:

Doesn't look like Ceph, but it does look like Geth.

+3 votes     reply to
Jeffman12 Jan 12 2012, 11:50am said:

I'd change the name to "Peace Makers" It's more intimidating and less GDI sounding.

+2 votes     reply to
blargtroll Jan 13 2012, 8:51am said:

Why does the head look like the Geth from the Mass Effect Series?

+6 votes     reply to
TheFinnishGuy Jan 13 2012, 3:47pm replied:

Can... not... UNSEE!!

+1 vote     reply to
Araethuiel Feb 12 2012, 5:50am replied:

Wanna catch one now... Turn it into a desk lamp...

+1 vote     reply to
Pyrodaimon Jan 13 2012, 11:54am said:

Peacekeepers* - Mastermind
Shadow Teams - Stealth Commando
Zone Troopers - Zone Commando

I kinda see what you were aiming for, Carnius. All commandos now have their complementing units to side with. In a way, the Mastermind now will stand out like the Yuri Prime in YR did.

*I agree with Goblin_5 and OrangeNero; Pacifier is a great name. Though I'd personally go with 'Enslaver' too.

+3 votes     reply to
GooberTrooper Jan 13 2012, 6:49pm replied:

I agree Pacifier is better, and Enslaver sounds good too.

+2 votes     reply to
FIN7 Jan 13 2012, 2:06pm said:

i am yuri and i am assuming direct control of this body for yuri/harbinger

+1 vote     reply to
APB_ICE Jan 13 2012, 8:25pm said:

How about 'Subduer'?

I also agree that 'Enslaver' and 'Peacemaker' (not to be confused with 'Pacemaker' lol) are very good names.

+2 votes     reply to
arthur_balen Jan 13 2012, 11:04pm said:

I think those guys should be called Corrupter! and the Corrupter should change the name to.. Papa of Viceroids :D

+2 votes     reply to
Fox2503 Jan 14 2012, 2:21pm said:

Yea, me too agree about the name change... peacekeeper sound like earth based military unit. You guys have some good names suggestions, I would personally go with "Enslaver" too aswell =)

+1 vote     reply to
playmsbk Jan 17 2012, 12:21pm said:

When I saw these in the last picture, I was sure they would be named "Peacekeepers" or "Ambassadors" or something similar, I do approve of the name!

+1 vote     reply to
Valherran Jan 18 2012, 6:14pm said:

I don't think the name "Peace Keeper" fits this unit's role....

+2 votes     reply to
shekdog Feb 1 2012, 2:03am said:

You know, assuming that all the Scrin units and structures are named by humans, why would they name these something like "Peace-keeper"? I'd go with Psy-bugs or Pacifier.

+3 votes     reply to
Zone_Lexus_50 Feb 2 2012, 11:45am said:

Good. Now we can use the peacekeepers (or let me call them Brainwashers)to take all TV stations over for the Scrin. Like CABAL said: "control the media, control the mind."

+1 vote     reply to
Greek_hoplite Mar 9 2012, 8:32pm said:

Thats starcraft 2 stalkers

+1 vote     reply to
jasonboy16 Apr 8 2012, 11:18am said:

They don't look like peacekeepers to me.....

+2 votes     reply to
SGT_RIZZO300 Jun 27 2012, 10:55pm said:

looks better than the cultists, they just looked like they had a headcrab with tentacles on them.....

+1 vote     reply to
NuBiTo Jul 6 2012, 11:14am said:


+3 votes     reply to
FIN7 Sep 10 2012, 9:51am replied:

We are Harbinger

+1 vote     reply to
keithktam Sep 22 2012, 12:18am said:

peace keeper my Object :)

+1 vote     reply to
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Jan 11th, 2012
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