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NOTE: On the Desura page, please be sure to download 'Full Tactical-Expansion V1.1 Installer", as this will eliminate the Desura installation issues.
This mod enhances the things that make Crysis great, and adds a number of new things. New blood effects, bullet drop and penetration, 22 new ammo types, and more weapon changes than I could list here. Armored vehicle have different ammo types. The US Tank gets SABOT, HEAT, and Canister shells. The NK Tank gets HEAT, SABOT, and AT-11 Missiles. The APC's get HEI-T (normal) shells and Canister shells for the cannon, and the TOW missiles are now player guided.

Weapons are more versatile, for example the Gauss Rifle can destroy any vehicle and can shoot through concrete walls. The SCAR with all the different attachments and 40mm grenade types can be used in any situation.

Also included are Fortran's Barrett M107, and Rad15's advanced AI, used with permission of the respective creators.

10 kijebe

the. best. mod. ever

it... completes crysis

the guy is a genius

FoReWoRd says
9 FoReWoRd

Really nice mod. :)

Molikai1988 says
10 Molikai1988

Super awesome!!! I was getting a little bored with the available weapons and the dart for the rifles was pre-mod a sleep dart? Nope post-mod it was a KILL-DART!!! YAY!!! Now that's usefull! Way to go man! I'd give you a solid 15/10 but that wouldn't make much sense now, would it? LOL. XD

JackRabbitSlim says
10 JackRabbitSlim

So far so good, all the additions such as color smoke grenades and what not are awesome, you have to try it to believe it!
UPDATE 1.1: Awesome, i spend no time in the sandbox now which is awesome, and all the new ammos make me happy!

Bradford1040 says
10 Bradford1040

I have used the desura version for a while then downloaded the 1.1 version and was even more impressed! I would love to see more updates but I know how hard it is to do things like this and life at the same time lol. Keep all you can up and hope all is well!

hunk_guerrius says
9 hunk_guerrius

Very fun mod, lots of new weapons and attachments (perhaps too many new attachments) among other minor improvements, the blood effects and improved AI (even though I don't seem to notice what the real improvement is most of the time, since they continue to get on my nerves dodging my bullets around), this mod makes combat a lot more appealing and brutal, its fun and every Crysis fan should try it out.

But theres still flaws that mildly bother me, the repetitive firing sounds, get on my ears pretty quickly, and since were talking about tactical expansion, some nanosuit tweaking would also been nice, for instance improving the armor mode which still drains completely with just one hit, making it still too hard to have a conventional firefight without using many of the suits abilities. Other than that the new weapons could use some improvement on the animation department, they models themselves are good and fitting but the animations are simplistic, leaving a lot of room for improvement.

Zero_Infinity says
10 Zero_Infinity

Really awesome mod. Too good not to get.

crusader148 says
10 crusader148

Honestly the amount of things added as well as the work that has gone into the creation of this mod is reason enought to warrant such a beautiful score.

DevianXV25 says
8 DevianXV25

Great mod with a lot of interesting things , like helicopter and the nuclear power , 8/ 10 because the weapon's texture don't works.

RickVic says
9 RickVic

A must have for every one who want to play Crysis again. Weapons are great, easy findable and realistic placed in the world, new ammo types kick Object.

Most of the new weapons have great detail, but lack a little bit the quality of the original weapons.

You seem to die easier now (normal mode). Ai is smarter and will hunt you, also seem to have no problems to destroy a wood to find you (predator 1 :D )

9 from 10 !

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