Star Wars Conquest is a Mount&Blade module which transforms a medieval world into the far, far away galaxy... with the same premises than the original game, this module offers an open sandbox where the player can do anything he wants. Based on a Galactic map and hundreds of planets.

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I'm going to keep this as short as possible, as I'm no native speaker, and my affairs with the Shakespeare language are far from satisfactory; we're back on track.

Posted by Swyter on May 5th, 2012

Hola, most of you already know me, Swyter, the Spanish guy who's currently leading the Dev Team since SWC, after HokieBT left.

I'm going to keep this as short as possible, as I'm no native speaker, and my affairs with the Shakespeare language are far from satisfactory; we're back on track.

No, there's no new, full featured final release yet. Nor I'm going to invent some excuses. We're sorry, for those waiting, life gets in the way, time flies, stuff happens, determination is lost. We all know that.

What means all this for you, fellow follower? Well, from now we aim to become more open.

Once we have the current work a bit more developed, stabilized and presentable(as there are still some loose ends to solve), we'll proceed to open up our entire repository. Sharing with every of you our current progress, there's no catch. Open beta for all, instantly downloadable.

If you want to now more about the plan, there will be two versions available, INDEV and STABLE.

Oh, and we now count with a better place where you can drop your suggestions and bugs.
Head over here:

I'm getting sick of supposedly witty force references already so...
Happy post-Star Wars day for all, and not for Warband... Yet.  :)

Update 1
Update 2

xPearse May 6 2012, 10:32am said:

Hmm yes, this sounds intresting. An in development version and a stable release, that's a really good idea.

I kind of have an in development download for HOTD as it's not perfect, everything isn't stable or done properly but it is playable.

It doesn't really matter if it's for warband yet or not, just the notice that you guys are still working on this is great news for everyone so congrats.

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Reqieumthefallen May 6 2012, 11:49am said:

Trust me -- this is probably one of the best posts I've seen written by someone who doesn't normally speak English. You get a gold star for literally making less errors than some people who actually do speak English as a first language.

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RRCM May 6 2012, 12:30pm said:

Sounds like a good plan ^_^

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TheTriangulum May 6 2012, 2:21pm said:

How did you get a mod page like this??????

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Swyter May 6 2012, 4:33pm replied:

We didn't "get" it. We made it by ourselves with custom CSS styles.
Contact the Moddb staff for more info. :)

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lol1234 May 6 2012, 4:17pm said:

I assume that the two will be hosted as SVN's that we just need to sync with in out modules folder?
If so, this will be interesting and easy to keep updated!

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Swyter May 6 2012, 4:31pm replied:

That's right, but we use Mercurial. Not Subversion.
Anyway, every revision will be also downloadable as a zip.

So everything's fine, either way. :)

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RandomZombi3 May 8 2012, 4:15pm said:

I'll keep tracking and supporting this mod! Unfortunately, I won't be playing it again until it's released for Warband. :/

Good luck! And may the schwartz be with you! (:

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Lockdown224 May 9 2012, 7:51am said:

ow man whan it said these are not the news you are looking for i thought u quit.almost had a heart atack XD

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Waffleking May 11 2012, 6:13pm said:

Not the news I am looking for, but I don't mind them either ;-)

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DaggerClassStudio May 12 2012, 3:44pm said:

I am glad that progress is still being made :) That is the main thing

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GoodFellaJack May 25 2012, 8:22pm said:

Swyter, I have only just joined Moddb, but I must tell you my reason for doing so.

In May 2010, after I finished school and my exams started, I bought Mount and Blade after seeing a friend play it. I was never really interested by medieval combat - but seeing the Star Wars mod brought back memories of my childhood love of the saga, which sparked the inspiration to download and play it. The decision to do so was one I have never regretted. It has rekindled my affections for all things Star Wars and I'm a true fanboy once more.

For a home-made and enthusiast mod not produced for profit or by a professional design company, this is a staggering achievement. TaleWorlds or indeed LucasArts should get every member of the team onto their staff.

Never let the naysayers and ungrateful whiners get you down. My admiration for the developers of this magnificent mod knows no bounds.



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Swyter Jun 8 2012, 4:49pm replied:

Thanks for that truly moving comment.
It means a lot for us. :)

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FatherTime87 May 29 2012, 7:24pm said:

Well if your back on track then
GET MOVIN MAHN?!?!?!??!?
sorry i was a fan of this mod ever since day 1 and now theres going to be more version patches?!?!?!?!
*sticks out hands*

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Renji121 Jun 9 2012, 10:53am said:

i have one question will the StarWars mod be moved to Warband or stay on the original?

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Vector: Jun 9 2012, 11:32am replied:

Yes, once we have put out our next release onto Mount&Blade we will then be porting the entire mod over to Warband. :)

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Panda6666 Jun 30 2012, 12:04pm said:

This is absolutely fantastic news. I've had this mod in my favourites bar for as long as I can remember, and despite not posting for what seems like years (and probably is) I still check back at least twice a week. Now, knowing that the mod is underway once again I'll be checking back far more often

Its so heartwarming to see that this mod is still under production. I wouldn't be lying if I were to say that this is by far the best mod I've ever played (not just for Mount and Blade, but for any game). Keep up the good work guys and, although I have absolutely no technical skills, I offer my services in regards to writing, if you need me.

Best of luck to you and I can't wait to see more in the (hopefully near!) future!

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jadedempath Jul 3 2012, 8:45pm said:

I wholeheartedly echo all the praise and delight previously stated here - it's fantastic to hear that despite the passage of time (and life with all its other greater 'distractions' ;) ) that you've still got the spirit to hold onto this project! I, also, enjoyed this mod/tc more than any other I've seen and played, and am currently considering doing a Let's Play video series following a character growing up through SW:Con! Imagine how heartened I was to read that the project was still active!

(And swyter, I may be a dyslexic who had to become a tenth-level Grammarian just to overcome my own problems, but any TRIVIAL slips I might see in your prose are instantly overlooked for the underlying meaning that easily comes through! )

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jewishmafia Aug 27 2012, 1:21am said:

Keep up the great work, unfortunately for me I wont be playing the mod until the warband release, even though I have this installed for original,i wont be playing because whenever i download original warband mod I get unplayable lag spikes frequently, not because i cant run the game (I run it a 122% performance so i have no idea what the hell is with lag, think its my M&B or something because its not the mod) Its great your team is hardworking and keeps going with the mod, this is easily the best mod I ever played and i cant wait for the warband release. (Why couldnt this team have been in charge of battlefront 3? Then it would have actually been finished)

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ithilienranger Aug 29 2012, 9:50am replied:

FYI, the performance shown on the settings screen is just an estimation. I had two computers, one that had a percentage of under 100% but ran the game fine, and the other had a percentage of over 100% but couldn't run the game without lag even on the lowest settings.

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jewishmafia Sep 25 2012, 7:03pm replied:

Thanks for the info, i was just about to download on my new computer and now I know the performance is untrustworthy.

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jewishmafia Oct 2 2012, 11:16pm said:

Well, downloaded on my other computer and the performance is great, but sadly i cant do castle sieges because my other computer uses ATIRadeon and cant find Vertex_Buffer errors. Disappointing, but it seems i only get the vertex buffer error during sieges so i can enjoy most of the mod.

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Vector: Oct 3 2012, 11:52am replied:

Yeah this is an annoying error with the engine, nothing we can do about that unfortunately. :(

I can only suggest you lower the amount of AI on the battlefield.

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