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This mod is for connoisseurs of multistar maps & interstellar military companies. Attemps to bring more realistic space to the gameplay, expanding features and enriching concepts. Provides depth to different development directions: planet habitation, science race, defence, offence. Limited assets force to choose and economize, also giving a chance to totally different tactics.


Add plus one level to your regular AI difficulty level (if you usually play with Hard AI replace it with Unfair) for maintaining habitual game rush.

The majority of universe modifications (planets, militia...) are represented only in custom maps, which are well corresponded with the rythm & scale of the project. Maps are also 50% random, so can fully substitute vanilla random and custom ones.

You can disable Phase Lines visualization in Options > User Interface menu section.

10 conran7

Excellent mod, balanced, improved visuals, unique approach compared to spammy mods. A great approach to a modification executed to a great degree.

mangosofdoom says
10 mangosofdoom

a truly suberb performance a wonderful combination of excellent music and planet types bundeled in with bailknights mod a must have for anyone who enjoys their sins diplo

Unit2209 says
10 Unit2209

Two words. Eye Candy.

Wait thats four words.


onefish11 says
10 onefish11

Simply amazing. This mod truly completes the game.

NotoriousPyro says
10 NotoriousPyro

Absolutely brilliant mod, well balanced, massive scale, very nice music and visuals too.

3dwa21 says
10 3dwa21

Great... simply Great!!

obliterator789 says
10 obliterator789

Amazing! Beautiful graphics, accurate star systems, and a good music playlist. (Love the Schindler's List with Itzhak Perlman's violin solo the most)

Barnetv says
10 Barnetv

i love this mod!

TheMassive says
10 TheMassive

Just an all around good and difficult mod, the detail and layout of worlds and systems is quite stunning.

Prez says
10 Prez

Wow - this mod is a game-changer! Fantastic work.

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