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Homeworld 2 meets Star Trek: Armada 2. Set in over all four Star Trek eras you will find three superbly balanced factions to face off against one another, the Alpha Quadrant superpowers! The versatile United Federation of Planets, the formidable Klingon Defence Force and the enigmatic Romulan Star Empire.

Review RSS Feed Add review SwissKnight says
9 SwissKnight

Fantastic mod, really does an excellent job of bringing Star Trek to Homeworld 2. Ships and weapon effects all look great and there’s a lot of little details that really make it come alive. Revamped hyperspace is a great addition as it makes combat and resource gathering much more painless.

Only downside is that most maps don’t have a colored skybox, making ships sometimes difficult to see against a mostly black background. Shipyard research also seems a little long, slowing down your midgame. Research is basic enough, which seemed like a plus to me, but if you like messing around tech trees you may be slightly disappointed.

Overall; well worth the download installation is easy enough, so there’s nothing preventing you from playing this right the hell now.

casojin says
10 casojin

The graphic is very nice and the gameplay is fun.
You guys have surely put a lot of efforts into this magnificent mod.
It feels like being in Star Trek.

Aliah says
9 Aliah

Very interesting mod that probes new areas in Homeworld 2 modding, and seems to faithfully recreate Star Trek battles(not a huge Star Trek fan, and even I liked the mod).
Highly recommended, if only to complete the sci fi collection.
Only downsides are the slowdowns caused by many heavy FX crossing the screen at once, mostly explosions.
Worth a download!

whip_it says
10 whip_it

Okay first off I last played HW 2 like 5 years ago. Last week I was on youtube and i was searching plastic models of klingon bird of preys. Ironicaly on the side I saw a link for bird of prey Homeworld 2 mod. I clicked it, and Bam!, it fully got my attention as i loved how every part of it looked.

ON TOP of how coincidental that was, I was also confidentially on this specific mod's profile page A DAY before the release. So I interestingly joined the 'download authentication wait bandwagon' refreshing every hour.

Anyways the next morning it got released so I downloaded it. I also dloaded HW 2 off piratebay (lol). I was on vista and I had HW 2 @ 1.1 and installed the ST mod. At first it didn't word and would crash bcuz i selected shader 2.0. After putting it at 1.0 it finally worked.... and boy o BOY what a beauty. I had a lot of fun with it... so far ive prolly played like 5 skirmish games.

Now after playing all those games I can obviously mention a million thing but i do know this is 'ST Mod Alpha' so i know there will be many thing to come.

Just to mention some aspects tho.... (1) yes the warp works great once the skirmish starts, but then becomes very buggy after, to the point where clicking an area to warp in just stops working and im forced to reclick the warp but to get outta that 'warp mode' (2) once ships warp in it makes 10 seconds to select them?!?!?!!! (3) After playing so many times (i only played fed) i noticed the CAPITAL SHIPS were USELESS and i just started ONLY making ships from the small shipyard. It seems as tho captal ships have garbage FIREPOWER, move very SLOW, and their armour SUCKS. Whereas ships like the steamrunners and akiras have the same firepower?!?!?!!?!!!. PLEASE do a lot more work on the capital ships maybe give less time between shots, make em faster, give them more spots on their ship to fire from (even make them more expensive if you have to)(4) More ship types!

not many chars left but THANK YOU!!, wens beta out?

mmlee91 says
9 mmlee91

Absolutely excellent mod - very impressive work! Well worth all the anticipation this week!

Absolutely love the effects of all the weapons and the ship rendering is extremely well done. I love the way ships manoeuvre around each other, phaser arcs and torpedoes are some of my favourite parts, simply stunning! Another excellent thing is the fact that warping around the map is actually a viable option, opening up the tactics a bit more than vanilla homeworld.

There are a few things that I would like to see changed, things which I assume will be addressed in future releases - Firstly, cloak effects are quite haphazard at the moment, though i gather from a previous comment that this is being looked into for the next version. Also I wonder if the shipyard mechanisms can be tweaked slightly so that ships don't simply appear out of nowhere. I also felt that the time in which it takes to build the shipyards should be shortened (at least for the first level shipyard) as it tends to slow down the game somewhat in the middle. My last little gripe is that the custom maps lack lighting, which i dont think does the ships justice. Certainly, its realistic for space, but I'd love to see my ships a bit more.

Overall, an absolutely brilliant piece of modding from a great team, breathing new life (and new frontiers) into an old game. I can't wait to see where this goes from here!

TrekkieStu says
9 TrekkieStu

I think this is a very good start to a fantastic mod.

Sporezokker says
10 Sporezokker

At first everyone who saw the videos they uploaded knows that this mod is beautiful to the core!
And on top its allready so big but still in development that you just can´t help but beleaving that there will come just good stuff next!
defnetly one of the very best :D

Sid0035 says
10 Sid0035

this is by far one of the best star trek mods i have had the pleasure of playing in a long time.

it not just complements HW2 it breathes new life in to the game.

iopser says
9 iopser

a really good mod of star trek... really fun

sentrygunofharmony says
10 sentrygunofharmony


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