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A partial mod conversion of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.

This mod tries to improve, fix, and add what Red Alert 3 missed, forgot, or unable to do.

Review RSS Feed GOPLIT says

Great mod

Artik says
10 Artik

Good! Very good!

famelicato says
10 famelicato

i can say only AMAZING

Hippie27 says
10 Hippie27

Love this mod. Love the new particle effects and reskins. this mod is what vanilla Red Alert 3 should have been. Double thumbs up!

asaad says
9 asaad

this is very good i love it i give it 9.8

tigermatebd says
1 tigermatebd

not working

kosi123 says
10 kosi123

graet mod fun to play no gliches but would like to see the mammoth tank come back also some more of the iconic units from the first 2 games.

arthur_balen says
10 arthur_balen

by far, the best mod for ra3!
excellent texture, units balancing, new contents
its so good that even made me play again that ea crap

Mammix says
7 Mammix

This is a mod that is enjoyable and fun. It adds a lot of flavor to the game. The new slightly darker color and new skins is easier on the eyes. The 1 glaring flaw however is that dogfighting is irritating because it reduces your control over your air units and has disturbed the balance. To mention the Apollos has been demoted in favor of the now almighty Mig. The Soviets are getting their way. This should not be the case. Also, I think the models has been shrunk too much. The beauty and detail of the units with all their new skins is hard to admire if they're too small to look at. It makes spotting units troublesome at times and it's crucial in the heat of battle. Perhaps scale up the models a bit so that units can be easily spotted. Clearly there is a room for improvement. These obvious problems should be addressed in the upcoming releases. That is my honest to goodness review.

Ripple says
9 Ripple

I'd have to say that is THE best RA3 mod I have played to date. The others usually feel somehow a bit awkward and a bit off though I can't put my finger on what's wrong but Shock Therapy just feels right. In fact, I have to say that the fun I am experiencing is much greater than when I got hold of my RA3 the first time even while traversing the campaign and exploring the units in skirmish. I hope you guys continue to improve and release more versions of Shock Therapy because it is simply a mod that has made me enjoy RA3 again. :)

Although the dogfighting is kind of annoying and makes survival of fighters less likely because they stray into enemy AAs.

Oh and still trying to get used to the smaller models.

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