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RJ-RotWK brings the best from each title in the BFME series by EA. As a mod for Rise of the Witch-King, at it's heart it brings 3 new factions to the game. Men of the West has been broken into Gondor and Rohan, with new heroes, units, powers, and more. Arnor has also been fleshed out to be a unique faction with a mix of Men and Elves and more. Men of the East and Mordor has also been split, with Men of the East made up from two smaller sub-factions of Rhun and Harad. The Elves are now made up from three smaller sub-factions of Rivendell, Lothlorien, and Mirkwood. In total, over 70+ new units/heroes/structures and more have been added. Over 20 new maps are included, and much more.

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After more than a year, the newest beta for RJ-RotWK has been released. RJ-RotWK is one of the largest mods for Lord of the Rings, Battle for Middle-Earth.

Posted by robnkarla on Mar 7th, 2009

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RJ-RotWK 1.06 BETA has been released!

After the year+ wait, the next public beta has been released. All of the details can be found by following the link and browsing the news topics:

So much mod to explore and enjoy with 10 factions (Rohan, Men of the East, & Arnor Added, Elves split out), combo hordes, the more than 30 maps added, new map play styles that blend BFME1 & BFME2, over 35+ RotWK maps with the new camera system and skies. Explore Middle Earth once again and rediscover the joy of BFME! (All screenshots below were taken directly from actual gameplay!)

For the short term, the mod without an installer is available. I'll be creating and uploading one with the installer.

Thank you for playing, and a huge thank you goes out to all of the team members and the beta testers to make this possible,
Robert J.

Nerodwen Mar 8 2009, 6:33am said:

great. very nice . HUrrrah

+3 votes     reply to
Turin_Turumbar Mar 8 2009, 8:58am said:

This is, what you get, when you are able to use the SAGE Engine. A well done job Robert.

+5 votes     reply to
SalaSII Mar 8 2009, 1:17pm said:

jupiiajej. I´m so happy

+3 votes     reply to
ApornasPlanet Mar 8 2009, 5:45pm said:

I will grab it on thursday!

+3 votes     reply to
Bird_of_Prey Mar 8 2009, 6:23pm said:

Congratulations on the release! Looks great!

+3 votes     reply to
RogerRamjet Mar 10 2009, 8:31am said:

Looks epic.. great work on the release...

+3 votes     reply to
Keptron Mar 14 2009, 6:08pm said:

Holy epic! Just because I damn uninstalled the game

+2 votes     reply to
generalsol Jun 9 2009, 2:32am said:

THANK YOU robnkarla! This is the best mod I've ever downloaded. No joke. Signed up just to say 'good on ya'. Did 3 player LAN last night -no issues, no bugs, just great. We now await eagerly for the finished (or semi-finished) product. Mod of the year when done? Your faithfulness to the LOTR authenticity would make Tolkien smile (or smirk). Keep it up and keep working through the night! Thats an order!! ;-)

+2 votes     reply to
DuBaas007 Jul 28 2009, 6:31pm said:

does some1 know when the next version comes out?

+2 votes     reply to
lotrnut57 Sep 1 2009, 7:19pm said:

how come when you do "good campaign" or "evil campaign" you can only play one mission???

+2 votes     reply to
killer903201 Apr 21 2010, 2:06pm replied:

eh can i help you go to war of the ring and than go to the rj senario than gondor or isengard to play the campain for good or evil and other wise try historical ;)

+2 votes     reply to
sootheater Nov 7 2009, 11:12am said:

Does this mod alter the HP of walls? That was my single biggest complaint about BFME. It makes no sense for a thick stone wall to have fewer hit points than troops.

+2 votes     reply to
jeppe789 Sep 6 2010, 9:25am said:

Hello! Awesome mod it's the best I have ever played, and for other people who are fans of this mod aswell I have a clan on Steam called WoF Wanderers on Fire we play BFME II RotWK and this mod Online! Yes this mod does work online I tried it with a guy from another country 2 days ago! Are you interested in this??? Then go to steam and search for the group called WoF or search for Wanderers on Fire or simply search after my name SwedishDude and contact me or check what groups im in and you can press join! =) its open for public
and you will come to the site, Don't have steam and want it? google Steampowered or write a .com after it

Dear Regards


+2 votes     reply to
TJZ23 May 31 2011, 8:51pm said:

I have a couple question? Whate new units for mordor (not counting heroes)does this mod offer? Also can you play the original Witch King campaign with the new units included in the in this mod?

+2 votes     reply to
Klevdude Nov 20 2011, 3:25pm said:

Has he quit working with this? If so it would break my heart.

+2 votes     reply to
Jonas115 Nov 5 2012, 9:54am said:

hey, how do you play network on this mod please help :

+1 vote     reply to
wackhoz Nov 28 2012, 1:15pm said:

Guys i cant get it to work. it said failed to open bla bla bla

+1 vote     reply to
ScotUK Jan 10 2013, 9:32pm said:

I love this mod and I would love to build maps using the buildings. I've tried using the Asset Builder to modify the asset file, but it just refuses to actually do anything. I would really appretiate it if you could put the complete asset file in the downloads section so I it's possible to use the mod with the world builder. Thnx

+1 vote     reply to
Guest Jan 19 2013, 7:13pm said:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest Mar 8 2013, 2:04pm said:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

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