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An expansion/overhaul mod of epic proportions, with entirely rebalanced gameplay, expanded factions, new gametypes, graphical overhauls, and five new factions; stealth-based Confederate Revolutionaries, tower defense-inspired Atomic Kingdom of China, economy-focused Mediterranean Syndicate, DotA-esque Order of the Talon and spammy Electrical Protectorate.

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kijebe Jan 7 2013, 6:54am said:

please dont be the last, please dont be the last

you are too good at this (**** you EA for not supporting) i really like the music you make and in a video game the music is really important to the atmosphere and fealing

keep up the good work

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Igncom1 Jan 7 2013, 10:32am said:

Very good buddy, please keep up the good work!

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nomaner Jan 7 2013, 11:20am said:

Sounds a little bit like "Alone in my Prison" from the Vietnam mod for BF42. Eodmod.org

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BluishGreenPro Jan 7 2013, 11:40am said:

I am both happy to hear another fantastic piece of music and saddened to hear it will be your last for this project. Of all the music of yours I've heard, the Paradox related stuff had many of my favourites! Keep up the awesome composition on whatever project you turn to next.

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silo1991 Jan 7 2013, 1:15pm said:

i wonder where will be placed this theme

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Drunken_Soviet Jan 7 2013, 3:56pm replied:

Probably the Confederate Victory song

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Protroid Jan 7 2013, 4:07pm replied:

Read the filename to the right, interesting form of victory :P

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Galgus Jan 8 2013, 7:26pm said:

I'd be very sad to see you go, your music really brought life and personality to the factions.

Is some work-around to get music in possible despite EA's crummy lack of support?

Anyway, its great music as always: though I don't want to hear it in-game unless I'm DJing it as a comeback theme for myself.

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Galgus Jan 8 2013, 11:21pm replied:

Any chance we could get a download on this music?

Perhaps part of the Bandcamp album?

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Guest Jan 25 2013, 4:14pm said:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

JokerReturns Feb 20 2013, 6:43pm said:

Guys can anyone help me that which is the latest one paradox mod and which patch it needs to install ? please :) Thanks ♥

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Well guys, this is it. My final song for the Paradox Soundtrack. Or possibly not, as the nature of such projects means that people constantly wander in and out of the production line. I've been in an "out" phase for about a year, considering it's been nearly 4 years since the SDK's release and there's still no music support. <sarcasm> Thanks EA, you've done us all proud. </sarcasm>

If you wanna hear more of my music, check out my Youtube account: youtube.com/user/ferriswheel42

If you wanna see what else I'm up to: Moddb.com

It's been a fun ride!
See ya!

Jan 7th, 2013
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